There are a lot of reasons why people fail to slim down in the long run, it can be lack of discipline, poor diet, lack of exercise and etc. However, most people DID experience some degree of weight loss in life - they just didn’t maintain it. 

Yo-yo dieting 

Yo-yo dieting, also known as weight cycling, refers to how a person tries to diet, lost some weight, but eventually rebound back up - the cycle repeats. The end result is a roller coaster ride where a person continuously lose weight and regain the weight back up. 

Why yo-yo dieting causes more harm than good 

Many people fail to realize, they end up regaining more weight than how much they lost. And particularly, most probably they lost weight from muscles, and ended up regaining weight from fats. Over time, their muscles got lesser over time, and their body fat percentage increases over time. 

For example, a person was at 70kg. She diets down through a “6-week” challenge to 68kg. After that, she was mentally exhausted and hungry all the time. At the same time, eating too little caused her to be too tired to exercise more. After weeks passed by, her weight went back up to 70kg and above.

Weight Maintenance can be harder than weight loss 

We all know the overarching guidelines to lose weight, eat less, exercise more, no fried foods, no sweet desserts - all the standard stuff. 
Chances are, you did it and lost some weight before with these strategies. But why most of us are still unsatisfied with our results? 

Because we simply didn’t maintain the results, or we didn’t use the most optimal way of losing weight off for good. 

“Trying to diet” can be one of the reasons WHY 

The awareness that you need to change for the better is beneficial, however, the mental approach to how it can be done and prevent rebound is key. A correct and wrong mindset makes a whole world of difference - find out HOW by contacting our dietitian !



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