We have a recovery plan membership for 3ss in 1 month for either a 1year plan or a 6 month plan for only RM199/ 3 ss with additional use of the gym for free!

What services do REV provides?

1. Personal Training 

2. Cryotherapy

3. 3D Biomechanic

4. Physiotherapy

5. Ice Bath

Personal Training

1. Can children under 12 years old can train at REV?

Yes. The youngest we train is 8 years old. 

2. Can elderly above 70 years old can train at REV?

Yes. The eldest we train is 82 years old.

3. Can a person with injury / medical condition train at REV?

Depends on the person situation. Most of our clients are injury based, and they are all pain free after the training here.


Assessments can be conducted through biomechanics in order to get the function and motion or movement of our body in order to identify the root cause of any injury or problem that the body is experiencing using the methods of mechanics.


Cryotherapy is  a method of cold treatment to help and treat a variety of tissue lesions. Cryotherapy can help reduce pain and inflammation from the body, as well as increase the range of motion from the joints and structure of body. Cryotherapy can also help to burn 800 calories in just 3 minutes and assist the body in producing better collagens!

Is the trainers all certified?

Yes. We only accept NASM certified / ACE certified trainers, either Degree / Master in Sports Science as well as physiotherapy graduates. 

Operation time

Monday - Friday : 8am - 8pm

Saturday / Public holiday: 8am - 5pm

Sunday : 9am - 6pm


1. Do I need to bring towel? 

We will provide big and small towel every time you visit the centre. All non member guest is required to bring their own towel.

2. Are there any social events for members and staff?

Yes. They are great fun and an excellent way of getting to know everyone. To find out our latest event, please visit our Facebook page [RevFitnessClubMY] or our Instagram at @revrehab.malaysia