Hamstring Strain

Physiotherapy Treatment for Hamstring Strains

Physiotherapy Treatment for Hamstring Strains

Hamstring strains occur when one of your hamstring muscles or tendons is overstretched or torn when the muscle is exposed to significant straining. Sports involving hard running or jumping often result in hamstring strains in the athlete. A hamstring tear or torn hamstring are other names for hamstring strains.

Hamstring tendonitis is the medical term for an injured hamstring tendon. The back of your thigh is where your hamstrings or hamstring muscles are positioned. Three hamstring muscles are in your legs. As you lay face-down, they assist you in bending your knees, lifting your foot toward your back (without bending your hip), and walking normally.

Causes of Hamstring Strains

When your hamstrings or its tendon are overextended, overworked, or overstretched when participating in sports activities like running, kicking, or leaping, hamstring strain results. Hamstring strains can also result from incorrect exercises, such as abruptly or excessively boosting your workout's duration or intensity.

Hamstring Strain Physiotherapy Treatment Options

  • Recommend rest
  • application of heat or ice
  • Electrotherapeutic techniques like TENS or ultrasound
  • Recommend crutches or training in crutch walking
  • mild range-of-motion drills
  • a light stretching (manual or active)
  • progressive workouts for strengthening
  • Exercise routine relevant to your job or your sport
  • Informing the patient about your situation and the precautions to take
  • Modification of a task or activity
  • injury avoidance
  • therapeutic programme

With a professional therapist, patients with minor hamstring strains can usually recover in a few weeks. Contact Us!