Lower Back Disc Herniation

Physiotherapy For Lower Back Disc Herniation

A herniated disk is a condition that can occur anywhere along the spine, but the lower back is where it most frequently happens. It is also known as a protruding, bulging, or ruptured disc. It is one of the most typical causes of sciatica, leg ache, and lower back pain.

In their lifetimes, between 60 and 80 percent of adults will have low back pain. A herniated disc in some of these individuals will cause low back pain and leg aches.

Most herniated discs may be treated with physical therapy and do not need to be surgically fixed. In order to help persons with herniated discs restore normal mobility, lessen pain, and resume their regular activities, physiotherapists create unique therapy plans.

Physiotherapists are experts in movement. By providing direct care, educating patients, and encouraging prescribed activity, they enhance their quality of life. For a consultation, you can speak with a physiotherapist personally.
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