3 minutes to Recovering like a PRO – Cold secret used by Malaysia Athletes!

3 minutes to Recovering like a PRO – Cold secret used by Malaysia Athletes!

Look like an athlete by recovering like an athlete

Admit it – You are only as good as how you recover, period. Recovery has been very crucial in sports, not only for medal-winning professionals, even regular sports enthusiasts – you or me, are also looking for the best way to step up our game (to look good and sporty in Insta story of course!). 

The old-school way involves ice packs or ice bath - an alternative of hot bath and ice water for 20 minutes, under a temperature of 10 degree Celsius (hotter than ice, not sure why it’s called ice-bath though 🤔). 

But technology has since moved further.


Whole body cryotherapy (WBC) has been proven to be a state-of-the-art, advanced technology of recovery solution you can exploit to your advantage, Saves time, better relief and convenience of not getting yourself wet!

In just 3 minutes, with a sub-zero temperature that could reach under -100°C (a temperature enough to get a penguin or Polar Bear shivering like crazy!) by using liquid nitrogen gas. You will instantly feel relieved from muscle fatigue, delayed on-set muscle soreness (DOMS), joint pain and inflammations.


How Does Whole Body Cryotherapy Work?


Imagine you stepping into Atlantic, as WBC puts you on a sub-zero temperature ranging from -80°C to -160°C for 3 minutes. Your skin is cooled down within seconds. The whole experience is comfy since the delivery of liquid nitrogen gas to your skin is completely dry. 

During this process, your skin acts like shield to protect the body and to maintain its core temperature. Blood is flowing through an internal cycle from the peripherals to protect the vital organs by triggering the enrichment with the hormones, enzymes and oxygen of blood and circulated to the internal organs under higher blood pressure. On a side note, your blood temperature may rise between -14°C to -16°C which can destroy viruses or the bad stuffs in body – a stronger immune defence in you.


After 3 minutes inside the chamber, as the higher internal blood pressure drives the enriched blood back to the peripherals, the body undergoes rapid blood vessels constriction. Endorphins are released into your body through blood, providing an exciting feeling and happy mood. Since cryotherapy does not freeze muscles and tissues, your body can immediately return to exercise – like a new, refreshed one. This is significantly beneficial if a training schedule requires more than one workout session per day. However, with ice bath, muscles and tissues need rest and recovery time of 12 to 24 hours in order to return to normal activity.

Why you need cryotherapy?

  • Saves time (3 minutes only!) 
  • Speeds up recovery time
  • Reduces muscle soreness
  • Reduces inflammations 
  • Train harder almost immediately
  • No negative side effects
  • No discomfort, less pain
  • Can be done everyday
  • Feels great after treatment! 

We know that at this point you might be taking – does it really work? We’ll let testimonials speak for itself.


Used by the most famous professionals and Malaysian athletes

  • NBA star Lebron James and fighter Floyd May Weather did cryotherapy regularly as post-training recovery.

  • World class football player Cristiano Ronaldo owns the whole-body cryotherapy machine at home and does it every day!


Team Malaysia Athletes Choose Cryotherapy 

Many professional athletes from different countries are using whole body cryotherapy as their secret weapons of rapid recovery. In fact, cryotherapy is no longer a new technology as it was already happening in 40 years ago. In Malaysia, the national athletes also chose WBC as part of recovery routine by following the trend. 

1. Anja Chong – Short Track Speed Skating

“Cryotherapy has revolutionised my recovery process. I’m a sprint-based athlete and have always struggled with recovery times and cryotherapy has allowed me to recover faster and better. Not only does it help with inflammation and muscle recovery, but it has also helped with my mental acuity. I knew this in theory but when I tried it one day after my CNS was fried, I was astounded by the dramatic and immediate results. It was like having 10 shots of coffee!”

2. Soh Wai Ching – Tower Running

“Giving a training load of 1400 floors run up, 50-60km of running and 3 times of resistance training weekly as a World Class Tower runner, cryotherapy help me improve my recovery, allow my body to back in shape and ready for next session. It's just like Wolverine speed of recovery!”

3. Goh Liu Ying – Mixed Double Badminton Player, Olympic Silver Medallist 

“To me, the hazard in getting injuries is high with constant inflammations due to my sport. Cryotherapy helps me a lot in my knee problem as both of my knees often encountered inflammations and discomfort due to old injuries and high intensity training. I noticed that it is very effective in reducing my knee pain and inflammation, also overall muscle soreness. Definitely a great recovery solution for my whole body and injury.”

4. Janice Woon – Women Double Badminton (Olympian)

“Cryotherapy helps a lot in speeding up my recovery from my daily heavy training routine. Before that, my recovery time was inactive without cryotherapy. In just 3 minutes my body feels lighter and recharged. Also it helps to boost up my mood of the day which making me stay positive and feeling great!”


Used By National Athletes, Not Only For National Athletes!

Not only for national athletes, even amateur athletes or competitive individuals who are passionate and active in their respective sports are also looking for cryotherapy as an optimum recovery solution. Today whole body cryotherapy is no longer the privilege for national athletes, you can do it too!



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