In biomechanics, the structure, alignment, and function of the body as it moves are all analyzed in detail. If you have back pain, lower limb pain, or foot pain without a clear reason, a biomechanical assessment might be very helpful. A biomechanical assessment is the starting point for understanding the source of your issue, what treatment is required or whether additional investigations are necessary.

Why is biomechanical assessment important?

  • Identifies the root source of joint and muscle pain.
  • Eliminates discomfort and pain.
  • Improves athletic performance and functional fitness.
  • Determine vulnerable areas BEFORE an injury happens.
  • Analyze muscular imbalances and resolve movement difficulties.
  • Creates long-lasting fitness instead of temporary abilities.


Physiotherapists have received advanced training to detect biomechanical issues which can predispose you to injury

Biomechanical analysis can involve

  • Gait analysis, which examines your walking pattern
  • Analyzing your running form is known as running analysis.
  • Either motion capture or video analysis.
  • Sports biomechanics – sport-specific analysis.
  • Workplace analysis: a study of your work processes.