Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy Services In Malaysia

Physiotherapy Services In Malaysia

Physiotherapy is the use of purposeful exercise for individuals who are limited by physical injury, sickness, or ageing in order to maximize independence, prevent disability and promote better health. People of different ages and socio-economic backgrounds, with a wide range of fitness levels and wellness goals, benefit from physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy Malaysia

Rev.Asia has a team of Physiotherapists in Malaysia who offer high-quality physiotherapy for your body. Rev.Asia is here to assist you if you're in pain or have been injured.

Physiotherapists are skilled in creating exercise for performance and rehabilitation. A diagnosis, a treatment plan, manual therapy, corrective movement, and a reassessment are all included in each session. Physiotherapists may also employ the following techniques:

Dry Needling

An efficient and successful method for treating muscular pain and myofascial dysfunction is dry needling. It is beneficial to use dry needling to calm hyperactive muscles.

Joint Mobilizations   

Techniques for mobilising joints are aimed at restoring a normal range of motion without experiencing any pain. An expert musculoskeletal physiotherapist tends to restore mobility restrictions by using a specialised joint technique. And the good news is that there are now choices that are extremely delicate and painless. Joint mobilisation procedures have evolved.

Physiotherapy Enquiries

we welcome your inquiry if you're unsure whether physical therapy can benefit you. Most of your questions can be answered by our team. Also, remember that a reference from your doctor is usually not required. If your condition requires a doctor's recommendation elsewhere, we'll let you know.