Cervical Neck Assessment + Fit3D Posture Assessment

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 Stop guessing about your neck health!!


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 ONLY RM99 for Cervical Neck Assessment


360 Degree Posture Assessment!


1x Cervical Neck Assessment 

1x 360 Degree Posture Assessment



Learn the most detailed and complete picture of your body with our accurate 360 Degree Posture Scan



REV uses a 360 Degree Body Scanner to analyse your static posture. Our 3 Dimensional Body Scanner is one of the most sophisticated assessment tool in the current industry, used by US rehabilitation and training centres because they provide a better and more accurate reading of your body alignment.

Other than accurately assessing your postural alignment and muscle imbalance, it also gives you an analysis of your body composition and metabolic rate in just 3mins!



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Terms & Conditions

1. This promotion included 1x Cervical Neck Assessment and 1x 360 Degree Body Scan 

2. This promotion is open until 30th November 2023 11:59:59PM only.

3. This trial offer is restricted to a single individual and is valid for one-time use only.

4. This promo is applicable to first timers only.

5. Package cannot be exchanged to other products.

6. All sessions can only make by appointment, strictly no walk in to utilise the sessions.

7. All sessions can only be done in a day. No separate session is allowed.

8. Once appointment made, cannot be changed. First comes first serves basis.

9. Once purchased, is not refundable.

10. For further details or to make appointment, kindly contact 012-2724098 Jennifer (WhatsApp / Call).