Aerial Yoga | The best core workout

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Why Aerial Yoga?

It is because gravity is working harder on your body than usual, your muscles work harder too. It is also a great core workout because you have to engage your core muscles to balance and stabilise yourself during yoga session.


Sculpture posture, relieve muscle pain : Aerial Yoga involves many unique postures to help stretch tensed body muscles and effectively relieve muscle pain in the body. Improve the Yoga done on the ground helps to relieve the tensed body muscles while Aerial Yoga is capable of further relieving the body from any muscle tense, restoring the body back close to its’ natural state.

Promote blood circulation, eliminate edema : A sedentary lifestyle may cause poor blood circulation. By doing Aerial Yoga stretching poses, it may significantly help in improving blood circulation, which can help prevent edema.

Relieve pressure and relax your mind : Aerial Yoga is a very special exercise, by soaring in the air in a hammock, you can quickly get into a relaxed state and feel completely secured being covered. It is both comfortable and safe. This helps the mind to feel relaxed and release stress. With a healthy mind comes a healthy body.