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3D Biomechanic | Body Postural Assessment

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Biomechanics is the study of the structure and function of the mechanical aspects of biological systems. Moreover, it’s the science of movement of a living body(kinetic chain), including how muscle, bones, tendons, ligaments and joint work together to produce movement.

Biomechanics is part of the larger field of kinesiology, specifically focusing on the mechanics of the movement. Our Biomechanics Analysis will provide you the cutting edge technology in achieving your fitness goal.


  • Real-time capture of 3d kinematic data
  • Full body kinematics
  • Medically accurate avatar
  • "Lossless" data functionality
  • Contact detection
  • Gait analysis

By knowing our body well scientifically through 3D Biomechanic Assessment, our Biomechanist will be able to create a customised performance and movement program specific to client’s conditions

**If you worry that, wrong car alignment will increase the risk of car accident, you will send your car to recognised carshop to assess and fix it. If there’s a hidden risk of getting injuries such as frozen shoulder, slipped disc and knee ACL, as well posture issue such as hunch back, scoliosis (spine crooked to side), and lordosis (lower back over arch), would you do “alignment test” too with the non-replaceable human body that you own uniquely for your entire lifespan?


By performing Biomechanic MyoMotion Test, you will get to know current hidden movement risk and get fixed before any high medical cost injuries happen. We will be able to reduce potential risk of injuries through knowing what to avoid during daily activities, exercises, and sports.

 3D Biomechanic | Brief flow in 10 seconds