Personal Training

Carefully Designed Personalized Program

To ensure the highest standard of training program, all of our programs are carefully design, plan and advise by our International Elite Certified Master Coach in Centralised Training Program Protocol, backed with data acquired from Biomechanic and relevant assessment prior to training.

Internationally Certified Personal Trainer

To top with our program from Master Coaches, all of our clients will be trained by Highly Qualified Professional Trainer, with background of International Certified Personal Trainer from NASM/ACE/ ACSM/NSCA, Bachelor Degree of Sport Science/Physiotherapy/Nutrition/Dietitian, more than 5 years experiences in fitness/sport conditioning, to provide the highest level of training results for any fitness/health related goals.


Inhouse Syllabus Training

The biggest challenge in the fitness trainer nowadays is that all trainers that come with different professional background sometimes have different opinions or training methods. Clients who hired trainer often frustrated and confused who to believe in as the trainer might not be updated to the latest scientific program/methods. In REV, we believe in everyone bringing together their expertise and synchronize their understanding with the most updated scientific program and methods from Sport Science Institute, NASM, ACE, NSCA, and ACSM but yet appropriate to the needs of client’s conditions. That is why every week, REV Pro Trainer will undergo our REV Syllabus Training to ensure that they receive the latest update of training research and methods that is applicable to optimize the training results.

Customized Nutrition Plan to Your Goal

Program also comes along session with certified Dietitian/Nutritionist who work closely with us throughout the program, to make sure optimum nutrition plan being prescribed precisely customized to different people and goal at each training phase.

Ensure the Best Experience Everyday

To enrich the experiences of every member, we have our unique rating system for every training session done. Member can rate their training session (scale 1-5) upon completion without the trainers knowing about the specific rating by certain member. Trainers will be given improvement training based on their weekly total ratings to improve their communications, attentiveness, and attitude as well as training skills.

Systemized Training Progress Records

We use Digital Training Records System to help our clients record their training progress. All of our client’s assessment and training program will be recorded with an electronic device and ready to be referred for the next progression training.  This valuable information will help our Master Trainer and Professional Trainer to further customize the program, all for the sake of ensuring the highest quality of training eliminating any randomly prescribed training program by random trainers. Results happen every day.

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