Rev Cryotherapy | History

“In REV, we believe that recovery should react faster in human body. We noticed that many people use many of their time just for recovery but it makes the result slower.

3 years ago, I saw LeBron James using cryotherapy on Youtube; Immediately, I was impressed by cryo because it looked super fancy! So I did all the research that is related to cryotherapy and its functions are all above my expectation! When I am doing the research, my mind was thinking all my friends who are injured or suffering from pain. So, I started to find the right company and supplier who can deliver the service.

At the beginning, the supplier did not believe us; as for his understanding, this technology is very rare and new in Malaysia. Plus, he doubted on our technical team, so he rejected us. After I convinced him continuously for half years, he finally agreed.

After importing the cryo machine to REV, it is my turn to doubt on him(His words and actions). I started to doubt the benefits that this machine could deliver, which could burn up to  500 - 800 calories per session. So I had to double confirm all the benefits that I’ll get; by researching on Google, Youtube, Wikipedia and many other research materials(books, websites, science journals)  with him. He was very calm to me and said “try to do 10 sessions continuously for 2 weeks, you will see for yourself to become smaller. If not, I will refund you.”, I was shocked by his reply and I whispered to myself, “I want the refund!”

So, I  accepted his refund challenge. I started to put my workout , nutrition and outdoor activities on hold; and even increased an additional 1000 calories per day intake. It sounds impossible and the chances to get back the refund is higher but, everything changed on the 7th session. MY NIKE PANTS BECAME LOOSE! SERIOUSLY??? I was happy and sad at the same time! Happy, because the benefit is real and sad because my refund is GONE! This is my first time experiencing my waist became this small and my body is in shape and most importantly is, my lower back has lesser pain!

After that, me and my team continued to explore more about cryo. We are highly concerned about the indication, contraindication, and all those medical purpose that are related to cryo. Cryotherapy is priority for people who are healthy and people who have the privilege to do. Healthy life should not just have started when you need it, it should start now before you need it.”


Vincent Siow

CEO of REV Publika