Fit3D Posture Assessment

Fit-3D Body Scans Now Available At Rev Rehab Malaysia

What is it?

You may evaluate and monitor your body composition, fitness progress, and weight reduction transformation using Fit3D Pro Scanner.

The FIT3D Pro Scanner, which uses the most recent hardware and software, captures 1,200 photos of the body in a straightforward 40-second scan. This information is then analysed in a matter of seconds using advanced algorithms to produce a virtual 3D avatar of the user and biometric information to monitor any significant physical changes.

Our 3D Body Scanner not only tracks physical shape change via the avatar but also offers a thorough wellness evaluation. You can get your biometric information, such as weight, total body measurements, body fat percentage, and a body shape wellness score derived from a comparison of over 250,000 scans, in less than 3 minutes.

Fit 3D Posture Assessment Includes

  • Evaluation of weight and body composition
  • Whole Body Measurements
  • percentage of body fat
  • The ratio of fat mass to lean mass
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
  • Complete Posture Analysis
  • Balance Evaluation
  • Study of Body Shape & Wellness

and much more!

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