Why do you need a customized meal plan?

1. It fits your lifestyle, you will feel like its just as nothing has been changed but your health drastically improved
2. No one size fits all, no pre-planned, its just for you
3. Aids you to achieve your goal faster and safer, only scientifically proven stats allowed
4. Step by step guidance provided, its not a diet plan but a lifestyle.
5. Not for babysitting you, but to provide knowledge to you for life long changes

What To Expect

Step 1: Assessment
In-house dietitian will first do a full body composition assessment with a lifestyle analysis. Together will set goals and expectation before moving on to the planning work.

Step 2: Plan and Execution
Detailed planning will be given and challenges will be addressed during this session.

Step 3: Monitor and Follow up
Bi-weekly follow up will be conducted to ensure strategy is properly executed

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