1. Lost 10lbs straight away

Good posture not only makes you look confident, but it can also help you look up to 10 pounds thinner. “You would be amazed at what a difference making a few simples changes in how you hold your body can make in not only how you look, how your clothes fit, even how young you look,” says personal trainer Sue Fleming, creator of the Buff Fitness line of DVDs and books. And on top of that, good posture changes how people see you. Research showed that with their face masked, the woman who weighed more — 125 pounds, compared to the 105-pound model — was perceived as thinner and more attractive simply because she was standing up and taller. When you slouch, you lose inches in height and the weight you currently have will be squeeze in which makes you look shorter and wider.


  1. Boost up your health better than everything else

If you are serious to be slim then this will be the best news of the year. You just need to stand tall. Bad posture will affects your health and vice versa. Imagine when your skeleton is thrown out of alignment, all those stiffness and tightness in the body will lead to further complications such as degeneration of the disks and joints, and even a breakdown of cartilage. On the other hand, when you have a good posture regardless of stand or sit, you will not only be able to improve your health but also increase the calories burn throughout the day. As good posture helps to engage more muscles compared to poor postures and when the posture is right, the breathing and circulation gets smoother. Fat metabolism requires abundant supply of oxygen to happen. When you stand tall and be confident, you will definitely be able to make better choices when it comes to food and in turn will further boost your weight loss progress.


  1. Turns yourself into a fat burning machine

When it comes to fat loss, a lot of people have been neglecting the importance of having a proper posture with accurate activation of appropriate muscles. A good posture is the fundamental before engaging in high intensity activities. Without a good posture, definitely the risk of getting injury is much higher. With the hope of losing all those stubborn fat through high intensity exercise but instead a lot of people injured themselves and forced to take 2-3 months break. And sadly that’s when a huge bunch of gym freaks lost their motivation and slowly rebounds back to the weight even heavier when they first started. And since joining them isn’t one of your goals, you should really looks into improving your posture. And fun facts here is that our in-house cryotherapy treatment which has proved to be able to burn 800 kcal in 3 minutes also required you to stand straight throughout the treatment.


  1. Eat whatever you want

So you started off with clearing your mind, slowly move into improving your health and lastly boosting your performance. The body memorizes the bad posture and keeps you comfortable in it and the reverse works the same as well. Once you be able to stand up straight, new muscle memory will be formed and when the duration is long enough you will be able to maintain a good posture with minimal efforts. You will be in this powerful pose where you are in charge of your thinking, and, in turn, you might make more confident choices. Imagine how this could affect you especially when it comes to the way you choose the food. The permanent change is ultimately what we are looking for a healthy and happy life.


Author: Teddy  @ Rev Publika (Pro Trainer cum Nutritionist)

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