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We provide cryotherapy sessions to activate your muscle and blood circulation, so to reduce potential exercise injuries and maximise the development of muscle and strength.

We provide a posture correction assessment to examine the alignment of your current body condition (muscles and bones), using the most advanced 3D bone & muscle bio scanner to achieve maximum fitness result.

You will be trained by International certified trainer, with background of Physiotherapy, Sport Science, and/or National Athlete Trainer, providing the best ever results for any fitness/health related goals.

A personalised nutritional plan will be given to you to help achieve your ideal/optimal fitness level at a targeted period.

Revvers' Testimonial

“After training I felt superb!! energetic & confident! Really fell in love in working out & also enjoy the feeling of being able to activate the muscle that I never knew exist.”  -Adele, L.

Revvers' Testimonial

My fitness has increased noticeably and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to complete the core exercise and know how to engage every parts of the muscle . Trainer also motivated me to push myself harder throughout each session . Importantly the trainer ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid injuries . I’m looking forward to my workouts .”  – W.L., Ng

Revvers' Testimonial

I felt good and less burden on the body after cryotheraphy section , but it was really freezing within the 3 minutes. Training with the beautiful trainer is very good which I know where to focus on , and looking forward  to a super toned body !  I did pay more attention and aware  on my posture in daily life as well after few section . lastly i do love a lots on SMR (self-myofacial release) because it really help me to release the soreness on my shoulder .”  -Joelin, W.

Revvers' Testimonial

” My calves no longer feel pain and stiff. I do not need to keep seeking for massage after a long day walk, which saves me money. Also, I don’t feel any pain at my lower back, which allows me to function better throughout the day. ”  -Kylie, T.

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