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  • RM13,600.00
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What's Included:

  • 90x Sessions (worth RM14,310)
  • 1x NAD+ Dripping (worth RM2,500)
  • 1x V-Power (worth RM1,200)
  • 1x Comprehensive Blood Test (RM400)
  • 1x Rev Membership (1 Month of 3x Muscle Release)
  • 1x RM5,000 Discount Voucher on Localise Stemcell/Wellness Stemcell

Other Benefits:

  • 2x VIP Pass to "Big Lucky Draw at THE V SHOW" 8-10 Dec (Meat & Waste-Free Event)
  • I-drip Promotion (Only once) - 5x Drip at RM5,000 (worth RM9,450) *discount exclusively valid for people who purchase this package only.
  • 1x Silver Member The Panas Grocer
  • 2x VIP table AMA fight ticker (Schedule Every Weekend in Lalaport from 3-10pm)


*This promo is valid until 27th October 2023.