Ronald Sim - COO of REV

Experiences :



- MASTER COACH (highest rank of Coach)

- NTV 7 & 8TV Guest Fitness Demonstrator.  Programs included Good Morning Tai Tai, Living Delight, and Eve’s Diary.

Successful Client Stories :

Kwong Yong

He was having difficulty to breathe during sleep and chronic pain on thoracic, neck and lower back muscles. He went through many type of treatment, but couldn’t really solve the issues. At age of 34 years old, he felt like an old man due to severe movement limitation. After training using REV Program for 2 week, his conditions have improved a lot. He is now able to breathe well during sleep, musculoskeletal pain reduced much and able to move well. Currently he is undergoing a specific strength training to further improve his condition and will be able to build some muscles as well.


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