Rainie Liew | Trainer / Biomechanist

Personal Quote : 

“Be yourself, always be your better SELF“

Highest Education & Certification:

  • NASM


  • 7 years training experience 
  • Expert in leg training for muscle toned without bulky muscle (Girls concern)
  • 5 years research to study the effect between training and nutrition college 
  • CPR course certified

Successful Client Stories:

- Fat loss to 14kg pure fat within 3months period 

- Posture corrective for slip disc client within 2month (16 sessions)

- Skinny fat to muscle toned took only 2 month training period (train twice / week)


Clients Result

Yasmin Hani Richardson

Miss Lamija

Madam Tan

Stark Lee

Mr.Wong & Mrs.Wong


Reach Rainie at

Instagram : @Rainie_brainy_fit 

Email : rainieliew.rev@gmail.com 

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