Teoh Chwin Eik (Jun Yi) | Rehab Coach

Teoh Chwin Eik (Jun Yi) | Rehab Coach

Personal Quote : 

“Regret nothing , look forward“

Highest Education & Certification :

  • In Pursuit of Master In Strength & Conditioning UM
  • Bsc (hons) in Sport & Exercise Science
  • Certified FAM Soccer D License Coach
  • Certified Trainer for Pregnant & Postspartum client
  • CPR & AID certified

Experience :

  • Anti- Doping awareness program by Malaysia Olympic Council on 2016
  • Attend Tim Morrill Performance Strength & Conditioning workshop
  • Visited Education Tour at Beijing & Tianjin (China) , Seoul & Suwon (Korea) Sport science University 
  • Former Melaka United Soccer association U14 & U17 Rehabilitation Trainer / Strength & Conditioning Coach 2018
  • Recovery for ACL pre & post surgery patient / athlete
  • Posture corrective Training
  • Strength & Conditioning Training

Client Results



"I love playing football. Many people tell me I won't be able to run anymore. But after training at REV, I think the day to get back to football is nearer! I am looking forward to the day!"


“JunYi 不是玩玩的,我屁股真的是看到有效果!”

"JunYi is the one! I can feel my butt now!"


"REV as a whole is a very professional, also very complete, A-Z solution. That is the reason I recommended to my family and friends." 

Vincent Fu


"I have problem on my knee. After training at REV, so far I don't feel any pain."


"From this training I feel a lot of improvement in term of my bad posture and also improved my strength. Also I realise that there are a lot exercises that I can actually do despite the doctor told me that I can't."



"My goal is to train back to my previous body shape because I've given birth before, and I feel my body has toned up and I started to see my abs line!"

Miss Tan

"After training at REV, I've started to have subconscious on everything I do in daily activity already."



Reach Jun Yi at

Instagram : @Eik_stagram

Email : teohce96rev@gmail.com

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