Loong - Sports Rehab Coach

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Loong - Sports Rehab Coach

Loong was previously a volleyball player in primary school when he trained under the Kelantan Volleyball Association and he suffered an injury on his knee during secondary school that caused him to retire prematurely from his volleyball career as a player. Then, he started doing rehab on his knee for 4 months and continued with weight training to strengthen the muscle in his lower body to prevent the injury from coming back. 


Personal quote : 

All progress takes place OUTSIDE your comfort zone.


Highest Education & Certification :

  • Bachelor of Sport Science (Exercise Science)
  • Sport Massage level 1
  • Basic life support, First Aid & CPR
  • Volleyball coaching level 1


Expertise :

  • Manual release
  • Kinesio taping
  • Strength and conditioning training
  • Specific for obesity, knee pain, back pain, and ankle pain
  • Sports injury rehab


Reach Rehab Coach Loong at

Instagram : @loongggggg

Email: loongg.rev@gmail.com

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