Lily - Sports Rehab Coach

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Lily - Sports Rehab Coach

Experienced in biomechanical analysis of sports performance. Passionate in helping clients to achieve their goals through postural trainings and customize programs dedicated to their targets. Having a background as a sportsmen herself in hockey and floorball has helped her to gain strong mentality in progressing through any difficult challenges as she also aspire that her clients become the best version of themselves.


Personal quote : 

It is not about how hard you hit but how hard you have been hit and keep moving forward.


Highest Education & Certification :

  • Bachelor of Sports Science (Exercise science)
  • Sports Massage level 1
  • Basic life support (First Aid & CPR)
  • First place KL floorball league 2018 (UM Lynx)
  • First place Malaysian Intervarsity floorball championship (MIFC) 2019 (UM Lynx)
  • First place KL floorball league championship 2019 (UM Lynx)
  • First Runner Up Selangor floorball Intervarsity 2019 (UM Lynx)
  • 2nd Runner up Hockey SUKIPT 2022 (Representing University Malaya)
  • First Runner up National Floorball Championship 2022 - Merdeka Cup'22 (Representing Perak)
  • First Runner up Tun Abdul Razak Cup Floorball Championship 2023 , TAR Cup '23 (UM Lynx) 
  • 2nd Runner up National Floorball Championship 2023 - Merdeka Cup'23 (Representing Perak)


Expertise :

  • Sport Injury rehab
  • Sports specific training
  • Postural Alignment training
  • Sports Massage & Manual therapy
  • Body transformation
  • Biomechanical sports performance analysis


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Instagram : @lily_revrehab


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