Tam Ka Mun 谭嘉雯 | Physiotherapist

Highest Education & Certification :

  • Certified Physical Therapist with Bachelor of Physiotherapy (HONS)

  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Certificate
  • Kinesio Taping Workshop Certificate
  • Study in Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Study in Human Biomechanics
  • Study in Sports Biomechanics
  • Study in Exercises Physiology and Prescription
  • Study in Manual Therapy, Physiotherapy Assessments, Electrotherapy
  • Study in Musculoskeletal
  • Study in Cardiology, Neurology, Geriatrics, Pediatrics
  • Study in Women’s Health
  • Study in Sports Injury, Pharmacology, Psychology
  • Study in Physiotherapy Professional Development and Practice.

Experience :

  • Physiotherapist in Precise Rehab Physiotherapy Center
  • Participate in Strongman event as sport physiotherapist
  • Participate in Vanguard Weightlifting event as sport physiotherapist
  • Participate in Malaysia Pro Wrestling (MyPW) event as sport physiotherapist
  • Participate in Standard Charted KL Marathon as sport physiotherapist
  • Participate in Viper Challenge as sport physiotherapist
  • Clinical posting at Pusat Perubatan University Malaya (PPUM) for cardiological conditions
  • Clinical posting at Yayasan Sultan Idris Shah for neurological conditions
  • Clinical posting at Hospital Sungai Buloh for geriatrics, women’s health and pediatrics conditions
  • Clinical Posting at National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM) for neurological conditions
  • Clinical Posting at Gleneagles Hospital for cardiological conditions
  • Clinical Posting at Damamsara Sports Medicine and Rehab Therapy Center (DSMART Center) for musculoskeletal and sport conditions
  • Clinical posting at Klinik Kesihatan Tanglin (KK Tanglin) for musculoskeletal conditions


Skill :

  1. Able to perform specific screening and assessments for injuries, functional movements and fitness evaluation.
  2. Able to perform manual therapy such as myofascial release, trigger points release, joint mobilization, joint manipulation, PNF stretching and kinesiotaping.
  3. Able to perform electrotherapy such as ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, TENS, IFT and cryotherapy.
  4. Able to provide precise physiotherapy treatment for injured individuals or athletes.
  5. Able to prescribe specific and accurate rehabilitation program for injured individuals or athletes.
  6. Able to prescribe specific training program for high functional individuals or athletes according to their goals.
  7. Learned and practice in pilates exercises for rehabilitation program and postural correction.


Extra Physiotherapy/ Training Experiences with Celebrities/ Influencer :

  1. Goh Liu Ying (Malaysia’s national badminton mixed double athlete)
  2. Linora Low (Under Amour athlete and Optimum Nutrition Ambassador)
  3. Ayez Shaukat-Fonseka Farid (Film actor and director, pioneer and founder of Malaysia Pro Wrestling)
  4. Morteza Eslami (Hype Energy Drink Malaysia and Singapore Ambassador, Fitness model, Fitness instructor)
  5. Tan Sri Mokhzani Bin Mahathir
  6. Ho Yen Mei (Malaysia’s national badminton single athlete)
  7. Emman Noorazman (Nickname: Emman the Kid, Pro Wrestler)


Client Results

Tan Sri Dato' Mokhzani

"I seem to have more mobility and the rotation on my right shoulder is smoother. I have less ache and pain after the games. My back which always has been a problem and now is no longer a problem. I used to suffer from lower back pain and that seems have gone away!" 

Reach Ka Mun at

Instagram : @mun_revrehab

Email : kamun.rev@gmail.com


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