Chan Win Sern - Rehab Coach

Chan Win Sern - Rehab Coach


Personal quote :

“Results happen over time, not overnight. Work hard, stay consistent and be patient.”


Highest Education & Certification :

-ACE Certified Trainer

- MMA Tatsujin Dojo (Level 1)  

Experience :   

- Asia Fitness Conference 2015 

- Men Physique & Men’s Muscle competition Top30

- 5 years experience in F&B industry


- Men’s Muscle & Men’s Physique (Top 30, Mr Enrich)  

- Best Service Staff of the Month in one of the commercial gym

Successful Past Client Story : 

ACE certified Personal Trainer Win Sern transformed a female client pants size from 36 to a 34 within 2-3 months. Moreover, he increased client (16 year old) muscle mass by 2 kg in 3 months, thus reducing 3-4% body fats. 

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Instagram : @forestws

Email :

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