Agnes Lee | Cryotherapist

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Favorite food

Spicy food and meat

Highest education & certification

Bachelor of Degree (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science
CPR certification

Sport highest achievement

42km Penang Bridge Marathon 2015 Finisher
21km Finisher (Nike Run 2015, Pahang Marathon 2017)
Port Dickson International Triathlon Sprint Finisher 2016
Melaka 113 Triathlon – Triathlon Finisher (2018)
Kerian International Duathlon Finisher (2016)
Cyberjaya International Night Duathlon 2017 - 4th place 


Research in the effect of looped band training on gluteal muscle activity among sedentary individuals
Experience in rehab and physiotherapy center
Anti- Doping awareness program by Malaysia Olympic Council on 2016
Kinesiology taping workshop
Sport massage workshop
Visited Suwon & KNSU sport university in Korea (2017)

Successful story

Prescribed exercise program for marathon runner with scoliosis and football player with ankle and knee pain, after a few sessions patients able to get back to sport with pain free and have a better stability. Also, able to educate patients with correct posture and injury prevention tips and exercises. I am a scoliosis patient too but I do not limit myself in sports, I love my sport and I want to go beyond. Love what you do, do what you love.

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