Why Do You Need A Postural Assessment And What Does It Consist Of?


Why Do You Need A Postural Assessment And What Does It Consist Of?

In addition to increasing the risk of injury, poor posture can cause musculoskeletal aches and pains, dysfunction, and spine misalignment. Learning the proper movements and positions, as well as acquiring the proper lifestyle practises, are necessary to achieve and maintain excellent posture. It is not enough to simply stand or sit up straight at your desk or with your shoulders back.

By having a physiotherapist carry out a postural assessment You can identify the deeper causes of any postural difficulties, ease pain, and regain normal movement.

Detailed postural observation

A visual study of gait

Full joint evaluation and manual muscle testing (including analysis of muscle length and control)

Assessment of functional tasks

Our physiotherapists will observe you walk while you are standing up, paying attention to how your complete body is positioned from head to toe (and possibly running). To find imbalances and irregularities, we may employ video analysis.

Gait Analysis: What Is It?

Gait analysis analyses your running or walking style to find any biomechanical faults.

 Your knee, foot, hip, and back can all suffer pain and harm as a result of poor walking form. When you start running, an improper walking pattern can also be problematic since it places excessive stress on your muscles and joints. Your body must look for ways to make up for problems caused by stiff joints or weak muscles. This may result in biomechanical anomalies that can result in common injuries like tendonitis, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and plantar fasciitis.

Preventing Injury

When your posture is proper, your body operates at its peak efficiency. Your spine, joints, and muscles all work together to make it possible for you to workout or play sports without experiencing any discomfort. Injury can happen when you are exercising or participating in a sport if something is out of alignment. Our physiotherapist will demonstrate how to do exercises and motions in posture-appropriate positions so that you can avoid injury and give your best effort.

Correction And Treatment Of Posture

Our physiotherapists will propose a course of treatment and management following a postural evaluation, which may include one or more of the following:

  • A personalized stretching and exercising regimen to increase mobility, stability, and strength
  • Ergonomic guidance for the workplace, home, and recreational settings, as well as training on proper posture
  • Techniques for manipulating and mobilising joints with your hands (for treatment of joint problems)
  • Using postural supports to help with proper body alignment, balance, or position

Our physiotherapists are in the best position to evaluate your posture and help you develop and maintain a healthy posture and gait. We can assist you in making tiny adjustments to how you work, exercise, and go about your daily activities right now to help you avoid pain and potential medical bills in the future.

In evaluating posture and gait, we have extensive training and expertise. After your postural evaluation, you'll have techniques to help you straighten up and develop healthy postural habits that you can keep up throughout the day.

At REV, we use a 360 Degree Body Scanner to analyse your static posture. Our 3-Dimensional Body Scanner is one of the most sophisticated assessment tools in the current industry, used by US rehabilitation and training centres because they provide a better and more accurate reading of your body alignment.

 Other than accurately assessing your postural alignment and muscle imbalance, it also gives you an analysis of your body composition and metabolic rate in just 3mins!

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