[CNY PROMOTION] Fat Loss Program

Afraid of getting fat and gaining weight during CNY?

Want to enjoy your good food and time with family without feeling guilty?

Want to look GREAT even after CNY when everyone else gained weight?

We have what you need to look good before, during and AFTER CNY!

Enjoying good food with family during CNY is a must and happy thing to do - but letting that put you in an unhealthy place is NOT. Post CNY weight gain comes fast, and they can go away fast, too – only if you do it right, and you do it in time. 

Sign up now for ONE (1) CUSTOMIZED group training class at ONLY RM25 (Normal Price RM 75).


 13th / 15th / 17th January 2020


 8:00 PM


 Rev Publika
 Lot 6 & 7, Level G4, Block C3, Solaris Dutamas,
 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

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Is This Program For Me?

  • You tried dieting and exercising but you can’t get the results you want
  • You have stubborn fats around abdominal
  • You want to look good AFTER CNY the whole year
  • You are inconsistent in dieting
  • You drink alcohol often

If you have the following conditions above, metabolic damage repair can CHANGE your life.

Why Many Struggled To Lose Weight After Feasting during Festive Season

Feasting on good foods all together during festive season like CNY usually creates a condition called metabolic damage – a term which means that the body loses its ability to properly process nutrients or food you like – resulting in a high chance of food being converted into fats and stored in areas like your belly. This is why it is extremely hard for certain people to get the results they want – their body is not in a good mode to do so even if they exercise and diet.

How Can We Help You

With the right TYPE of training IN TIME, you can counter, avoid or minimise a lot of these metabolic damages – resulting in a more EFFICIENT body to burn fat and build muscle, instead of the other way around.
This is why REV finally reveals our Post-Festive Season Recovery Program, designed to help repair the damage done and weight gained post-CNY.
STAY healthy and confident not just for CNY, but for the ENTIRE new year!

6-Week Fat Loss Program for Post-CNY Weight Gain

This program is all about achieving HEALTHY, LONG-LASTING fat loss results through repairing metabolic damage that happens in almost everyone nowadays due to the modernised diet.
  • 6-week duration, up to 18 sessions of CUSTOMISED training
  • 100% Money Back Guaranteed

Sign Up For A Trial Class Now @ RM 25 (Normal Price RM75)

How our clients did it the RIGHT way – metabolic repair

Our clients did it the right way – and got the RIGHT results.






Why We Can Help You?

  • Customised training unique for your needs
  • Targeted nutrition to target your metabolic condition

Need assistance? Send us a text right now.

Terms & Conditions Apply.



Muhammad hafidz

Cmne sy utk join??
Lokasi di mana??

Nur Azim

bina badan


Where is this and what is the schedule looking like? RM25 per class then how many classes in 6 weeks?

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