Physiotherapy for Lower Back Pain

Physiotherapy for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the common causes of pain and disability around the world. Physiotherapy is very effective at managing the pain and dysfunction associated with issues in this area. Continue reading to get the answers to some frequently asked questions and how physiotherapy might benefit your lower back pain.

The lower back also referred to as the "lumbar spine," is made up of five vertebrae and is the bottom part of the spine. Most people will at some point in their lives have lower back pain, which is a common condition.

Lower back pain has many diverse causes, but the majority of cases have musculoskeletal origins and do not involve significant structural damage. Physiotherapy, which frequently entails manual therapy, exercises, and activity/postural adjustments, is particularly effective in treating these conditions.

Rarely, lower back pain in a person could be a symptom of a more serious underlying condition. In these situations, a physiotherapist can evaluate the issue and send the patient to the proper medical professional for the appropriate care.

What is causing my lower back pain?

It can be challenging to pinpoint exactly which structure is causing lower back pain in many cases. First, we'll rule out anything major during our inspection. We will test the spine’s function and determine where there are restrictions on motion or muscle contraction. Instead of being caused by a single particular joint, disc, or muscle, back pain is usually brought on by a combination of structures and movement patterns. Therefore, trying to pinpoint one particular structure as the cause of the symptoms is often misleading. Our approach to treating patients is focused on their current symptoms as well as the mobility and activation patterns of their backs. Our goal is to enhance function, which will immediately reduce lower back pain and return to normal, pain-free movement. Other factors are frequently linked to lower back pain, especially in cases when the condition is chronic or recurrent. Poor sleep, stress, poor fitness, issues at work or home, as well as other illnesses and medical conditions, may be among them. These elements may trigger episodes of back pain or worsen existing symptoms. Physiotherapists are aware of the complexity of lower back pain and make an effort to treat all the root causes.

Should I have a scan for my lower back pain?

The great majority of people do not require scanning. In the majority of lower back pain instances, a thorough physiotherapy analysis gives us all the information we need to properly handle your pain. We are aware that many abnormalities detected by scans don't actually result in symptoms and that many people who don't have lower back pain will also have similar "abnormalities." According to a large scientific study, 50% of those over 30 without back pain have disc issues! If we treated everyone simply according to what was shown on the scan, the real issue might go unnoticed and hence, things might not get better. We will refer you for a scan and/or to a specialist for additional testing if our evaluation indicates a serious pathology.

How could physiotherapy help the pain in my lower back?

One of the most efficient ways to treat lower back pain is via physiotherapy. The methods we employ are well supported by a wide range of studies. The use of massage, joint mobilizations, and manipulations are all examples of manual therapy. These methods help to restore movement and reduce pain. The exercise program usually consists of a mix of mobility and range-of-motion exercises, exercises to strengthen the spine and legs, and a gradual return to activities.

Start by trying to alter any conditions, including extended periods of sitting at work or frequent lifting, that worsen your symptoms. Try to stay active and move as much as you can while still managing your symptoms, walking frequently throughout the day. Set up a consultation with a physiotherapist at Rev.Asia to discuss your symptoms and begin a recovery plan right away.

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