Advantages Of Physiotherapy For Sports Injuries

Advantages Of Physiotherapy For Sports Injuries

Do you have a chronic injury that you sustained while playing sports?

But even the most stubborn sports injuries can be cured and improved with physiotherapy. But how can you differentiate a regular physiotherapist from a sports physiotherapist when there are so many different kinds of physiotherapists?

In this blog post, let's breakdown of what exactly is sports physiotherapy and where to find the best physiotherapist in Malaysia to treat your sports injuries.

What Is a Sports And Exercise Physiotherapist?

Sports and exercise physiotherapists are experts in treating, recovering from, and preventing all injuries caused by participating in sports and exercise. This applies to people of every age and is not just to sportsmen.

Sports physiotherapists are experts at enhancing a sport's performance as well as its safety. They are also essential for boosting performance and reducing injuries in professional athletes of all ages and disciplines.

What Physiotherapists Do?

As a result, physiotherapists assist their patients in regaining physical health through all forms of exercise and sports.

This includes:

  • Advising on the most effective ways to move in order to prevent injury
  • Working with the individual on training and rehabilitation programmes to treat and avoid further injuries
  • Boosting sports performance and restoring optimal function in athletes of all ages and abilities
  • Ensuring a high level of professionalism and values

At REV, We often work with professional athletes.


What Sort Of Physiotherapy Treatments Are Offered?

A few of the common issues that are addressed by physiotherapy for sports injuries include:

sprains of the knee, ankle, shoulder, and fingers

Hamstring, calf, and quadriceps strains

Achilles, patellar, and gluteal tendon pain from tendon injuries

Bony overuse injuries, such as stress fractures and "shin splints,"

Rehabilitation following surgery--knee, shoulder or ankle arthroscopes.

A Physiotherapist will first analyse your condition, identify the issue, and provide you with education regarding it.
The next step is to create a personalised treatment plan that takes into account your lifestyle, sporting activities preferred and the condition of your health.

For instance, you might be given certain activities to try in between and during treatment sessions.

To lessen the stress on your wounded area, your physiotherapist could also suggest other ways to carry out regular duties.

Sports and exercise physiotherapists use a variety of therapy strategies, including:

    • Manual therapies mobilise or manipulate the body to relieve pain, stiffness, and dysfunction.
    • Massages to improve muscle function and lessen muscle spasms are examples of soft tissue manipulation techniques that are frequently used to release trigger points.
    • Exercise programs that are balanced and optimised to increase mobility, build muscle, and use low-risk workouts
    • Helping you with the usage of splints, crutches, canes or other mobility aids

Keep in mind that in the first 24 hours following your physiotherapy appointment you'll probably experience some level of stiffness!


Select REV, as your preferred sports physiotherapy treatment center in Malaysia.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or just trying to keep fit, we’ll assist you in recovering to the best levels of physical condition after your injury.

Look here who joined us? Cheah Liek Hou is our nation’s para-badminton player. At REV, We will assist him in improving and achieving greater heights in the athletic world. We are extremely honoured to have him with us and support his recovery needs using technologies like cryotherapy and biomechanics analysis etc.

Our physiotherapists are highly trained, professionally qualified, and have knowledge in treating a wide range of problems. We are also dedicated to keeping ourselves updated with the most recent research and professional approaches.

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