How to attain better skin health

When we talk about skin health, anti-aging and collagen seem to be the famous topics commonly discussed amongst the community. So, how do we get to a better place? 


  1. Collagen production assisted by vitamin C

Collagen production and synthesis is mainly regulated by micronutrients, especially vitamin C, which is found to be one of the substrates in processing collagen by our body. So, ensure that you get a variety of high-quality vitamin C from vegetables/fruits like tomatoes, oranges, apples and so on. 


  1. Anti-aging with antioxidants 

Moreover, antioxidants like lycopene are important for cellular health, which also has a lot to do with aesthetic/beauty health. These nutrient compounds are not usually found in supplements, but whole foods like greens. It can also be obtained conveniently with daily dose of soup containing different concoctions of bones/vegetables. 


  1. Excrete toxic/wastes 

Lastly, exercising is a great way to expel off excess toxic/waste from the body via sweating. Also, never forget fiber that you can obtain from whole grain food choices as well as diuretics from vegetables like asparagus so that your excretion system can be on point!

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