3 Nutrition-related reasons why you fall sick easily

3 Nutrition-related reasons why you fall sick easily

Your tendency to fall sick easily has more to do with cold weather or hot weather, it also tells a lot about your own nutritional status, especially under normal health conditions. Falling sick easily correlates with your immunity strength but also the capability to recover, because our body encounters millions of bacteria every day. It is how our body handles it that matters.


 1. You are overweight or hold onto excess fats

Fats are found to not only store excess energy, but it also performs bodily functions such as secreting hormones and influencing body conditions. In this case, studies found that overweight or individuals with excess fats are more likely to fall sick easily. Science suggests that fats especially, exert effect on reducing immunity level, thus causing people to fall sick easily.

Weight is not the best determinant for body status, hence always look at your fat levels through measurements, especially the waist part!

 2. Your gut health is less than optimal

Most recent studies suggest the bacteria in our gut, which forms the gut microbiota has extensive influence on immunity, our ability to fight bacteria. This is because the cells in intestine produce a vast amount of white blood cells “our army”, which fights most of the bacteria or viruses that enter our body through the digestive tract from foods and drinks primarily.

A gut microbiota that is made up of “good guys” are stronger in immunity than a gut microbiota that is made up of “bad guys”. How do we form a gut microbiota in our intestines that are made up of “good guys” you might wonder?

The answer is to consume a variety of fruits and vegetables that give fibers, as well as probiotics from fermented foods like yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, and etc.

 3. Not enough micronutrients and protein

Needless to say, white blood cells and the immune system are made up of protein, through a process that is facilitated by essential micronutrients like vitamin C, zinc and others. Modern diet lacks of micronutrients, and in combination with intentional diet practices of reducing carbs to “lose weight”, a large micronutrient deficiency can happen, causing you to fall sick easily.

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