3 Most Common Myths to “Recover” from Sickness

3 Most Common Myths to “Recover” from Sickness

As much as there are comfort care that we enjoy during childhood when we were sick, not each and everyone of them are scientifically proven, especially during periods of severe health compromise. Let’s take a quick look at common myths!

Myth No. 1 – Plain Porridge Is the Best Food

While all of us crave for the warm, soothing smooth porridge when we’re sick, it may not be the best food all the time. Porridge can be optimal for its texture for easy ingestion when a person lacks energy to eat, but it does not have the best calorie and nutritional profile when it comes to that.

Pro tip: To make a porridge more nutritionally complete, toss in fish slices, an egg or minced meat to pair it off with a tablespoon of sesame oil for complete and flavorful meal!

Myth No. 2 – Do not eat delicious and yummy food!

It seems like something so common to tell your loved ones to stay at home and eat simple food, but flavor and taste may not be the best way to determine whether is it good for them. Palatability is a strong driving factor for a person to eat, and hence should be used to the best advantage when caring for a sick person.

Depending on his/her preference, tossing in more flavors through herbs, oil or seasoning can do more good than harm (depending on specific circumstances) if it can get them to eat more!

 Myth No. 3 – Drink soup is good enough!

Soups are fantastic dishes that are rich in micronutrients leached from the various vegetables, and meats/protein choices, however, soup alone do not provide substantial calories unless all the foods within the soup are consumed.

Bear in mind that when calories are not adequate, other nutrients may not be able to perform their optimal function.

Pro tip: Pair up soup with a bowl of rice or porridge, or even a corn cob can be a fantastic way to add in the calories or protein needed.

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