You can survive without eating for 7 days, without water for 3 days, but how long can you last without air? Breathing right is so basic and simple and yet ignored by many of us. Fortunately, changing your breathing habits is something you can do quite easily once you understand how. Before that, let’s take a brief look into how breathing right can boost your health.

  1. Say goodbye to your round belly

The general believe is to sweat heavy to shed fat, but do you know 80% of fat that leaves your body is expelled through your lungs (1)? The fat in our body needs to be oxidized to release energy, and as the process named, it requires oxygen. In order to burn 10kg of body fat, 29 kg of oxygen has to be inhaled producing 28 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) and 11 kg of water (H2O) (2). While people are lifting hard and eating clean, most of them are huffing and puffing in the gym. We now know that more oxygen in the blood increases body metabolism, but most of us are doing the direct opposite of deep breathing which hinder the increment in metabolic rate.


  1. Relax and have fun

Have you ever paid attention to how your body react when you are angry, anxious or frustrated? You take short and sharp breathes, and this prolonged periods of stress will cause us to hyperventilate. This leads to a poor exchange of oxygen and CO2 in the bloodstream, depriving our bodies of both vital gases. Hyperventilation will as well activate the “fight or flight” response which will kick start the adrenaline gland and further worsen the hyperventilation and could eventually lead to panic attacks, insomnia, dizziness and extreme fatigue (3). Whenever you feel furious, try to take a deep breathe, you will find that you can think better and avoid a lot possible regrets from the mistake you made when you are not thinking straight.


  1. Orgasm is no more luck 

You bet it, we are talking about your performance on bed and much more. As the body cells get sufficient energy from the oxidation of fat through deep breathing, lasting longer shouldn’t be a concern anymore.  And to top up to that, with controlled mindful breathing, you will be more aware of the sensations in your body, tracking your sexual response and achieving orgasm. Regardless, the same effect can be duplicated to when you are working, reading, playing, and even sleeping. When you are able to concentrate better, the jobs will definitely be done swifter. It is of no unfamiliarity that eastern culture emphasizes on the importance of proper breathing technique for mind and body healing.

Here are a few simple ways to kick start your breathing exercise:
Deep breathe in 5 sec
Hold breathe for 5 sec
Breathe out 5 sec
and Repeat 5 times.

Do it twice a day and you will find yourself totally relaxed. And if you continue for weeks you will see great improvements in your health.


Author: Teddy  @ Rev Publika (Pro Trainer cum Nutritionist)



    2. Meerman, R., & Brown, A. J. (2014). When somebody loses weight, where does the fat go?. BMJ, 349, g7257.


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