Tired of feeling aches and pains and not knowing why they are happening?

During this New Year make an effort to listen to your body and its needs. Being overweight, overindulging in goods rich in sugars and fats, poor self-hygiene, being stressed, and lack of sleep are all passive destructive habits to your health. Pain is a way for your body to let you know that it is in poor health. Immune deficiency is a serious threat to your health and it is imperative to keep it in check in order to avoid illness and recover quickly.

  1. Watch What You Eat
    Prepare your body for infections because it has the ammunition to fight off unwanted bacteria it is important to make sure that you eat the right foods. Choosing items that are lean sources of protein, raw garlic, mushrooms, fruits, vegetables and steering clear of added sugars that stimulate yeast and bacterial growth.

2. Adequate Sleep

Lack of sleep is extremely detrimental to your body’s immune system. Sleep allows your body to rest, recover and undergo processes that are entirely different than the ones in your awake-state. Sleeping benefits stress reduction, improved concentration, weight management, overall health, and your immune system. It is vital to get at least 8 hours of sleep in order to have your immune system running at its best

3. Improve your Lifestyle Choices

Alcohol consumption and smoking are linked to weakened immune systems and allow for bodies to be more prone to infections. By removing these aspects from your lifestyle you are guaranteed to see a shift in your well-being

4. Supplemental Nutrition

It is difficult to consume all of the vitamins and minerals that are needed for the immune system to function at full capacity. To make up for the deficiencies from food, you can supplement your meals with vitamins. An easy way to get vitamin D is to go outside and enjoy the sunshine for 20 minutes a day.

5. Whole Body Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy benefits your body in various ways including improved circulation and release of toxins from many of your body’s tissues. During whole body Cryotherapy your body does an entire reboot of your systems, which trigger feelings of euphoria, re-energization, and vitality. Repeated sessions keep your immune system functioning at its best. Book a session to start your New Year of right!


Author: Teddy  @ Rev Publika (Pro Trainer cum Nutritionist)


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